Almost here: PLAXIS 2D 2017

Almost here: PLAXIS 2D 2017

Mar 22, 2017  Software 

Almost here: PLAXIS 2D 2017
(Photo by: Plaxis)

The release of PLAXIS 2D 2017 is drawing near, so it’s time to reveal some of the new features that will increase the ease of use and expand the geotechnical capabilities.

Most notable additions:

  • Cross and parallel permeability for interfaces
  • Non-linear geogrid behaviour
  • Multiply command
  • Full 64-bit 2D release
  • Python integration and command line enhancement

A preview of one new feature is found below, showcasing the new multiply command.

Keep an eye on our website for the full release announcement in the coming weeks.

Preview #1 – Multiply command for numeric properties

The multiply command can be used to for instance multiply a set of loads with various load components by a certain factor higher or lower than 1. This command can be issued in the various modes on numerous objects, and especially for staged construction offers a convenient way to explore alternate load conditions,thermal conditions, initial conditions etc.

Via Plaxis
Image,video ©: Plaxis