Scania’s 1,200 hp V8 – for pure pleasure

Scania’s 1,200 hp V8 – for pure pleasure

Mar 2, 2016  Mechanical engineering 

Scania’s 1,200 hp V8 – for pure pleasure
(Photo by: Scania)

Scania is launching its most powerful marine engine ever at the Dubai International Boat Show this March.

The compact 16-litre V8 engine delivers 1,200 hp and boasts low weight and unsurpassed fuel economy, allowing for a significantly increased range of operation.

Scania’s pleasure-craft engine is based on the company’s modular system, which has been developed over the past 50 years. It guarantees reliability and availability, as well as simplifying service and reducing the need for spare parts.

“This new V8 can provide the powerful heart needed in high-speed pleasure craft, regardless of whether they have a propeller or are driven by waterjet” says Joel Granath, Senior Vice President for Scania Engines. “It’s the most powerful engine in Scania’s entire portfolio – the most outstanding that we have developed to date.”

The new engine builds on Scania’s long and deep experience with marine installations and different applications.  Scania’s V8 engines are well known for their unsurpassed power-to-weight ratios and powerful torque, something that gives boat owners the best acceleration in the class. The new pleasure-craft engine takes these characteristics a step further. The power ranges from 1000 through to 1200 hp.

The Dubai International Boat Show takes place between 1 and 5 March and is primarily focused on large yachts and luxury boats. Scania will display both the new V8 and a 13-litre straight six cylinder, today capable of producing up to 750 hp.

“The fair is a tremendously good meeting place for meeting new customer groups and creating new contacts,” says Granath. “It attracts major attention, both in and outside of the pleasure-craft industry. That’s why we see great value in being on the ground in Dubai and displaying our offering.

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Image,video ©: Scania