Manitowoc previews two new elevator solutions for Potain tower cranes

Manitowoc previews two new elevator solutions for Potain tower cranes

Jun 25, 2015  Mechanical engineering 

Manitowoc previews two new elevator solutions for Potain tower cranes
(Photo by: Manitowoc)

Manitowoc has teamed up with Alimak-Hek, a worldwide leader in construction hoists for passengers and materials, to co-develop new operator elevators for use on Potain’s full range of top-slewing tower cranes, including traditional, flat top, luffing jib and special application models.

Two products have already been developed, one that sits internally within the crane’s mast, and another that is attached externally. The external elevator is a standard solution that will be adaptable for all Potain cranes, utilizing a dedicated access kit. The internal elevator, called CabLIFT, is a specially developed solution, designed exclusively for Potain distribution. By installing the CabLIFT internally within the crane’s mast, Potain crane owners will benefit from reduced cost of ownership with ease of transport, assembly and storage, and advanced ergonomics for crane operators and service technicians.

Both solutions can be used on all K Mast systems, from 1.6 m, to 2.45 m wide, and can either be supplied new from the Potain factory, or retrofitted to existing cranes either onsite or at the customer’s facility. The elevator solutions can reach a maximum speed of 24 m per min, allowing quick, easy and safe access for all Potain crane operators.

“Manitowoc supports all initiatives that are aimed at enhancing efficiency for those who own and operate Manitowoc products,” said Alexandre Chanteclair, Manitowoc product manager. “Contractors are mindful of good ergonomics, and continually challenged by increasingly shorter jobsite time schedules – it is more important than ever for operators to have the comfort to operate with optimum levels of concentration.”

As well as improving access to tower crane cabs for operators and technicians, the new operator elevators offer a simpler mounting process and reduced assembly time.

The new elevator solutions will meet stringent health and safety regulations in Europe, including the latest French Recommendation R.459, stating motorized access must be available for operators climbing 60 m or more to the tower crane cab, and from 30 m in the new regulation taking effect in 2017. Product demonstrations will start this summer, and both elevator solutions will be available at the beginning of 2016 via the Potain dealer network.

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