GE’s Mobile Technology provides emergency power to Libya in six weeks

GE’s Mobile Technology provides emergency power to Libya in six weeks

Mar 24, 2014  Energy 

GE’s Mobile Technology provides emergency power to Libya in six weeks
(Photo by: General Electric)

GE’s Distributed Power business today announced that its trailer-mounted, mobile aeroderivative gas turbines have been chosen to help the General Electricity Company of Libya (GECOL) meet the country’s growing power needs, with two of the units having been installed and commissioned within six weeks after site selection.

This fast-track, $135 million project includes four of GE’s TM2500+ units, which will provide more than 100 megawatts (MW) of power for upcoming summer peak needs by expanding the Zawia and W. Tripoli power plants. The scope also includes balance of plant from GE’s Digital Energy business. The mobile units can be moved anywhere in the country to supply emergency backup power.

“GE’s high-quality, reliable, proven technology will help meet our upcoming summer power needs. The flexibility of the TM2500+ mobile units will allow us to provide emergency power where it is needed most,” said A. Abogren, Zawia project manager, GECOL. “By using its worldwide capabilities to help support delivery and experienced project management resources, GE also was best suited to meet our fast-track timeline.”

The first two units were installed and commissioned six weeks after the site was confirmed in December 2013, and the other two are expected to be online by the end of March 2014. All four units are dual fuel, capable of running on both natural gas and diesel.

“GECOL recognized the need to get power fast given rapid increases in demand and turned to GE to provide the best solution,” said Lorraine Bolsinger, president and CEO, GE’s Distributed Power business. “This project supports the Minister of Energy’s goals and objectives to provide new power generating capacity to meet the ongoing energy demands of Libya. Once this project is complete, GE will have delivered more than 100 MW of reliable power to Libya’s grid, giving GECOL the flexibility to provide backup power wherever needed and supporting the need for a more resilient grid.”

Known as GE's 'Power Plant on Wheels,' the TM2500+ mobile aeroderivative gas turbine generator set is ideal for providing a base-load bridge to permanent power installations or for generating backup power in support of natural disaster relief, plant shutdowns or equipment maintenance with the capacity to produce more than 26 MW of power—that's 31 percent more than its predecessor, the TM2500. Equipped with GE’s proven LM2500+ and engineered for flexibility and quick dispatch, the TM2500+ is the go-to solution for fast, mobile power needs in almost any environment.

GE's TM2500+ units are part of GE’s ecomagination portfolio. To qualify for the portfolio, products and services must demonstrate both improved economic value and environmental performance. Ecomagination is GE’s commitment to provide innovative solutions that maximize resources, drive efficiencies and make the world work better.

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