Seeing is believing when it comes to BIM workflows

Seeing is believing when it comes to BIM workflows

Jan 19, 2016  Architecture 

Seeing is believing when it comes to BIM workflows
(Photo by: Vectorworks)

If you’re thinking about implementing a BIM workflow or making BIM a more integral part of your design process, then there is plenty of information out there to help.

However, if you’re looking to go beyond the concepts behind BIM and see it in action for yourself, pick up a copy of Innovative Vectorworks BIM. This collection of detailed, illustrated case studies showcases projects from the United Kingdom paired with an introduction to BIM modeling to help you reimagine your workflows.

Edited by Vectorworks software expert Jonathan Reeves, the book highlights 50 tips and tricks for enhancing BIM processes gleaned from Reeves’ years of training architects in the use of design software. The book also offers case studies written by professionals who designed projects using BIM workflows.

“I hope that by illustrating what a number of forward-thinking practitioners are doing now, it will inspire more current and future Vectorworks users to develop their own interest in BIM and 3D workflows,” Reeves says. “I encourage you to try pushing the boundaries to discover what can be achieved.”

But don’t just take our word for how helpful Reeves’ book is; check out the in-depth review of Innovative Vectorworks BIM on architosh, a leading Internet magazine dedicated to CAD and 3D professionals and students worldwide.

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