Transforming healthcare in China

Transforming healthcare in China

Mar 25, 2016  Architecture 

Transforming healthcare in China
(Photo by: Conrad Gargett)

Conrad Gargett has been engaged by Asia American Medical Group (AAMG) to design a 17 storey specialist medical health screening centre which offers specialist ambulatory, endoscopy, operating and a multi-disciplinary medical consultation including one-stop suites of aesthetic services.

The design aims  to enhance AAMG’s client experience and a create a sense of well-being in an environment that provides clinical excellence, technological innovation and patient-centric care. 

The facilities includes including state of the art medical imaging facilities for Radiography, MRI, CT and PET/CT scanning; day surgery, endoscopy and a range of medical consultation service.

The project has expanded Conrad Gargett presence in China and Conrad Gargett is excited to be part of this innovative contribution to the China health care transformation.

Via Conrad Gargett
Image,video ©: Conrad Gargett