What is new in SCIA Engineer 15.3?

What is new in SCIA Engineer 15.3?

Mar 7, 2016  Software 

What is new in SCIA Engineer 15.3?
(Photo by: SCIA)

Version 15 comes with several breakthrough features, and dozens of improvements in all areas of the software. Here is a short list of some new functionalities.

SCIA Engineer 15.3 is a service release focusing foremost on quality improvements and fixes. Next to this, several improvements were brought to selected functionalities, including:

Steel-Concrete Composite Structures

  • Updated manufacturers catalogues for steel decks, including filtering per region
  • Support for re-entrant stiffeners in decks
  • Steel decking provides additional torsional restraint to LTB in construction stage
  • Support for simplified one-way decks
  • LTB checks to EN 1994-1 (previously only to AISC 360).
  • Fire safety verification according to EN 1993-1-2/EN 1994-1-2
  • Limitation of crack widths as per EN 1994-1-1, §7.4.2-3.

Steel Connections

  • Additional output type: “summary” output (next to brief and detailed)
  • Support for the "20% rule" in the verification of the Beam flange and web in compression for moment-stiff connections.
  • Output of bolt-row classification and effective lengths of T-stubs for splice connections
  • Support of 4 bolts per row in moment-stiff end-plate connection

Reinforced Concrete Structures

  • Design and code-checks of ribs in slabs.
  • New reinforcement template for cross-shaped sections
  • New approach to the deflections of 1D member based on the search for a minimal beam stiffness

General Improvements

  • Selected rows in the Table Results are indicated on the model by a "red cross" mark
  • Faster refresh of Table Results after modifications in the Property Window
  • Easy removal of no longer required Table Results to reduce the project size
  • Automatic Mesh Refinement can now be performed for a group of load cases
  • Filters are now available also in the System Libraries (e.g. for manufactured profiled sheeting).
  • Fast feedback through "Smiley" icons on the application window.

Image,video ©: SCIA