Largest light art portrait in the Rijksmuseum

Largest light art portrait in the Rijksmuseum

Mar 12, 2015  Electrical engineering 

Largest light art portrait in the Rijksmuseum
(Photo by: Royal Philips)

From 25 March to April 7, Royal Philips is organizing a special ‘Night Exposition’ in the Rijksmuseum.

The exposition consists entirely of portraits painted in light, as a tribute to the unequalled master of light, Rembrandt – who is now on display in the Philips wing of the museum in the Late Rembrandt exhibition.

To feature ‘on canvas’ in the Rijksmuseum, everyone can upload their portrait photo from Wednesday March 11th 2015 via The Night Exposition will be compiled from a selection of the entries and can be seen from the passage under the museum every evening for two weeks.

Dutch Masters of Light

As a founder of the Rijksmuseum, Philips knows only too well how light can affect art. Visitors to the exposition can personally experience the impact of innovative LED lighting on the masterpieces of Rembrandt. The joining of the two light pioneers demonstrates the unlimited possibilities of LED, as well as Philips’ engagement with the cultural heritage of the Netherlands.

Rembrandt was a master of light, who went one step further than his contemporaries. Through many experiments, he discovered that light in paintings could work miracles – it could make the colors shine, highlight details and create amazing depth. He succeeded in capturing this magical light in paint, thus giving his masterpieces unprecedented depth, intimacy and powers of expression.

The modern possibilities of LED are shown clearly in the immense portraits in the ‘Night Exposition’, composed by light artist Eelco van den Berg. “I enjoy juxtaposing bright colors with dark, earthy shades. As in Rembrandt’s paintings, the contrast between light and shade plays an important role in my work, lending intensity to the artwork”, says Van den Berg.

Your portrait as an immense light art work in the Rijksmuseum

Everyone has the chance to win their own historic moment, by uploading a self-portrait via The best portraits will be on display as light art works from 25 March onwards. The winners will be invited to the spectacular unveiling of all the light portraits. Participants can also win one of the 10 VIP tickets for the exclusive opening evening on 25 March or one of 100 Philips LED light bulbs for the home.

Via Royal Philips
Image,video ©: Royal Philips