Desigo Total Room Automation from Siemens offers new components and features

Desigo Total Room Automation from Siemens offers new components and features

Feb 25, 2016  Electrical engineering 

Desigo Total Room Automation from Siemens offers new components and features
(Photo by: Siemens)

Under the motto "Make your building more livable," Siemens will show at the light+building trade fair how commercial buildings can be comfortable while also offering economical operation.

One of the highlights will be the Desigo Total Room Automation (TRA) system. Desigo TRA is a system that integrates the control of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) as well as lighting and shading in a unified control strategy. At light+building, Siemens will present an expanded range of controllers, new features and mobile operation of room automation for Desigo TRA.

Desigo TRA consists of programmable and configurable room automation stations, sensors and actuators. Siemens has expanded its portfolio for this field and will present suitable components for all applications at light+building – from small administrative buildings to large variable-use properties. These components include both compact and modular room automation stations: Desigo DXR2, a compact room automation station with preprogrammed standard applications, is particularly easy to install and commission. In contrast, Desigo PXC3, a modular room automation station for programming HVAC, shading and lighting applications, is suitable for more complex building infrastructures.

The existing feature set of Desigo TRA includes demand-driven control of heating, activation of air volume controllers and automatic adjustment of blinds based on the angle of the sun. Presence-dependent light control ensures that the amount of light available at each workplace remains constant throughout the day. A new feature, annual shading correction, simulates the incidence of sunlight on a building during the course of the year and includes it in the control of Desigo TRA. 

This allows even better daylight utilization, which in turn improves the building's energy efficiency and comfort. "A pleasant working environment in the building increases the occupants' well-being and has a positive impact on performance. Optimized room climate, lighting and shading are essential aspects of that," said Boris-Johannes Nehr, Room Automation Promoter at Siemens.

Room users are able to operate the HVAC, shading and lighting systems from room operator units equipped with a touch display. At light+building, Siemens will show other ways to control the disciplines within a room: The Smart Room Operator solution allows operation from a PC, smartphone, tablet or phone. All solutions include the RoomOptiControl feature, which helps users achieve energy-efficient room operation. RoomOptiControl detects unnecessary energy consumption and visualizes it using the Green Leaf symbol. 

If energy consumption is too high, the Green Leaf symbol on the operator units or the Smart Room Operator solution switches from green to red. A simple push of the symbol returns room control to energy-optimized operation, and the Green Leaf switches back to green. This allows room users to actively save energy and costs – without any technical skills.

Since Desigo TRA uses the standard BACnet communications protocol, it can be incorporated seamlessly into the Desigo CC building management platform. The integration of data from Desigo TRA makes it easier to manage multiple disciplines from a central location. For example, room data is displayed graphically in the Desigo CC user interface. The interplay between room and building automation via Desigo CC makes it possible to achieve energy-efficient, comfortable and reliable building operation. 

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