Design underway for Uber’s headquarters

Design underway for Uber’s headquarters

Mar 1, 2016  Civil engineering 

Design underway for Uber’s headquarters
(Photo by: Thornton Tomasetti)

Design is well underway for Uber’s new headquarters in San Francisco.

The office complex includes two buildings, an eleven-story tower and six-story structure which will provide 423,000 square feet of office space for up to 3,000 employees. The iconic complex will feature a transparent facade around a multi-story Commons and two glass and steel pedestrian bridges over a public pedestrian street.

These pedestrian bridges in combination with the Commons, a network of gathering spaces located along the edge of each building, create connectivity between the various floors and the buildings. To achieve this large, open space, Thornton Tomasetti’s engineers devised large, cantilevered framing designed to minimize perceived vibration.

The six-story structure will feature two expressed braced frames along the façade resulting in a collaborative visual language between the building structure and design concept.

Via Thornton Tomasetti
Image,video ©: Thornton Tomasetti